Tons Of Blogging Tools Are There Just Awaiting For Your Ideas To Get Published. Isn’t It Interesting!

You probably already know that you can create, and even earn money from, a free blog, so I’d like to focus mainly on getting free content for your blog and other free tools you can use to monetize your blog. If you’re new to blogging, though, I’ll just mention my favorite free blogging platforms to get you started.


Blogger is a cool platform for a free blog as it’s owned by Google and therefore (no surprises here) Google rather likes it. Blogger blogs get indexed by Google quickly and if you’re looking to get your individual posts ranked for a particular key phrase or question, this platform is a good bet. Blogger allows and encourages monetization through Google Adsense (again, no surprises there) and there’s plenty of versatility to include affiliate links or links to your own products as well. This means you can make a small profit from your free blog quite quickly.

I use Blogger for my niche topic blogs to test the water. If you later want to migrate to a paid platform you can. It’s a bit of a pain, but moving blogs always are. If you want to keep your free Blogger blog, but give in a domain name you can simply buy a cheap domain name from somewhere like (for as little as $10 a year) and apply that to your blog. You can create your free blog at

WordPress is another free platform for bloggers. Not to be confused with, which require you to pay for hosting and a domain name. Using the free platform may make life easier if you later want to migrate to the paid WordPress platform, (which is generally considered to be the best and most versatile blogging platform overall). You can check out the features of the site and see if it might work for you at


Weebly is lesser known, but extremely user-friendly free service that allows you to create a website an additional one or more blogs to it. It’s great if you want a site that looks like a website but has the versatility to include a blog as well. I use it to host my writer’s website, which I want to look like a professional static website, but I’m able to include my book blog (where I announce my own book news, interview other authority
and post book reviews) right there on the site.

Weebly provides a completely free service with an offer to upgrade if you feel you need more features. For example, I decided to go with a .com domain name ( as opposed to while still using the free Weebly hosting, and it cost less than $3.00 a month. Find more details at


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