Phillies-themed bats for Bryce Harper surface on social media – Fans think an ‘MLB The Show’ tweet has tipped a Bryce Harper team announcement

Harper’s preferred bat company, Victus, appears to have the bats ready as a precaution

Here’s what to make of the leaked photos

January is winding down, and free agents Bryce Harper and Manny Machado still haven’t signed. However, there is enough speculation about where they’re going to go around. Harper’s preferred bat company, Victus, may have fueled a little bit more when photos surfaced of a pair of customized Harper bats in Philadelphia Phillies colors. The photo appeared on Reddit in an unsent screenshot, according to NBC Sports Philadelphia.

Victus, of course, denied that this was any type of leak, saying that the bats weren’t a special order. They were made as a precaution, in case Harper ends up signing with the Phillies, per Jack Fritz.

Right now, the White Sox and the Phillies are thought to be in good shape with the superstar, but there’s been minimal information about where Harper is leaning. The Nationals are also very much in the mix, should Harper want to stay where he started his baseball career.

Companies follow contingencies like this all the time, so the bats could well mean nothing. However, with the baseball world starved for information regarding MLB‘s two biggest free agents, it’s understandable that people want to read into something like this.

Check out this tweet from MLB The Show — Harper is the cover athlete for the 2019 edition of the game, but … the language in this tweet makes you think:

There’s also this:

We will definitely be keeping an eye on that account on Tuesday.

Look, it could be nothing. It could be a really good tease about the cover reveal. And the Harper cover could be set up exactly the way NBA 2K19 solved its “star in the middle of a free-agent decision” problem last year when it was uncertain where LeBron James was going. Designers put James’s face on the cover without showing his jersey.

But then again, Harper has been sending some cryptic tweets regarding the video game:

Harper wouldn’t save his free-agent announcement for a video game cover reveal … would he?

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