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It all started in 2018 when our ideas, open blog, fully customized, an online project for our users to start building their custom blog posts and get published to the world. Talking to users, and helping them build their ideas and whatever comes to their mind was a passion from the beginning. Doing it all, from developing to support, to site design, we knew what needed to happen to be able to help more people, and soon the first version of Case Root was born: an all-in-one tool for people to run their blogs.

From the beginning, it is easy to use, and we are there if you needed help. Today, that’s true. We are a message away, 24×7 to help you reach your goals. And ideas innovation is at the forefront. This is only the beginning… just wait, we’ve got even more great things in store for you to come.

Kevin Sproles

“I wanted independent Gate for ideas to be successful. So I created Case Root. Small ideas online Web Gate matter.”Ahmed Almohamady – founder.

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Any writer, Student, Reporter, Ideas Innovator, Student, Thinker, Blogger, Analyser around the world have a joining chance with Case Root.

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